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Leaving Chappo

I’ve been a little quiet for 3 weeks cause of exams, I have certainly learnt a lot studying for them, not sure how much is going to stay in, but time will tell right? I started moving most of my … Continue reading

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Anxiety: Symptoms

The following symptoms are taken directly from the lecture unedited. The one’s in BOLD are ones that I personally experience from time to time, usually a rare occurrence. Physiological symptoms: weak all over rapid, pounding heartbeat or palpitations tightness around … Continue reading

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Anxiety: Series Intro

Last week I had the pleasure of enjoying some pure gold in one of my lectures. As a subject Congregational Ministry is often neglected and seen somewhat periphery to others. This lecture though was in the words of a fellow … Continue reading

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6 Weeks

The amount of time until my exams start (also the amount of time since I last blogged). My focus will be on three core subjects. Last year I failed two of them and I don’t wish to repeat that this … Continue reading

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Too Amazing

I’ve been working on an essay for college on a guy called Nicodemus who appears in John’s Gospel. Jesus and Nicodemus have a conversation and what Jesus says totally baffles Nicodemus that he ends up exclaiming “How can this be?” … Continue reading

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Monday Sync #1

In my last post I was reflecting on the history of my blog. One part of that history was hump day prayers. I thought I would bring that back, but move it to Monday. Monday is good because I sort … Continue reading

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Belief and Practice in YM

I thought I would share an essay I wrote for college back in first year. It was for my youth ministry course. The question was: How important is the balance between belief and practice in youth ministry? From your own … Continue reading

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