Music Monday: post harbour.

Have discovered an awesome band from Seattle recently, yet giving me another reason for me wanting to return.

post harbour. are a post rock/experimental/ambient band with bits of Sigur Ros combined with Modest Mouse and Okkervil River.

Their album praenumbra is brilliant. I love the way songs build and flow, moving from the ambient to the ecstatic.

I am yet to sample their latest offering, but will be keen to grab hold of it soon.

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Some to be Shepherds

Earlier this week I was down at the lovely Port Hacking for the Youthworks Youth Ministry Conference.

The theme of the conference was ‘Some to be Shepherds’ and I was greatly encouraged to follow the first and greatest shepherd Jesus.

One of the great aspects of the conference was that I went residential (i.e. we stayed overnight together). This allowed for some great time of fellowship and discussion about theology, ministry and life. I found this to be the most valuable part of the conference and would highly recommend others to attend in the future.

My friend Nathan has also given his review and adds some useful points and summaries that I will not repeat here.

One thing that I came away with was a real sense to assess my own life and repent of my idolatry and sinfulness that is massively inflenced by the culture that I live in. I want to help people smash the idols in their lives so that they can see the cross clearly but I need to do that in my own life first.

So for me here are three that hit me straight away:

  • Comfort/Security
  • Sport
  • Image
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It Is Finished

So my days at Moore College as an undergrad have come to an end.

I finished my last exam yesterday, and it feels good to be done. Formal study isn’t really my thing. But I have learnt so much in my time at college. When I think back to when I started college at the ripe old age of 23 and what I knew and how I lived, I see how God has shaped me over the last four years.

If you are thinking about studying God’s way in a formal way, I would high recommend doing it at Moore. And here are 3 reasons why:

  1. You will be stretched in your thinking by humble but God gifted faculty
  2. You will be encouraged to live like Jesus within Gospel centred community
  3. You will have fun being in Newtown. It’s great.

I’m sure I could think of other things but it just isn’t happening.

Interestingly I started this blog just before I headed to college as a way to reflect on what I learnt (looking back I talked a lot about football and surf in the first few years). So here’s my TOP 5 posts about college.

  1. Anxiety series (this is the last post)
  2. Sleeping Like a Calvinist
  3. Josiah
  4. Julian
  5. College and Change (First college post)
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Ark Camp: Believe

The youth group I lead at is having our youth camp this term, to say I’m excited is an understatement.

This is the first video to help promote it.

If you are a teenager from around Avalon come. If you know teenagers in the Avalon area tell them to come.

For more details about The Ark visit the website.

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Word Designs: Divine Designspiration

A few months ago I stumbled across a guy call Jim LePage. He has talent and has be summarising books of the bible with a design.

Go check them out, the summaries he gives are great too. I enjoy his sense of humour as he gives his summaries. My Favourites have to be Judges, 1 Samuel and Daniel

You can even order physical prints of the designs for your home, office, church, breakout rooms or youth dungeon.

Because I live in Australia and have no money, I cant afford the shipping costs to have a print done and sent (even with the Aussie dollar performing so well). So hopefully I will win one.

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Real Hope

Last Sunday I preached at church, I don’t often preach at church so I thought I might share some love on my blog.

I had just finished an essay (my last) for college on eschatology and the Christian life and was compelled to preach on one of the key passages. I looked at Rom 8:18-27 and spoke about hopes and dreams and how often they fail. We groan for something more, and God has done something to give us real hope.

Get the mp3 here: Real hope

You can also look at the slides I used if you are a visual person. Real Hope slideshow

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Lynx Stynx

I feel compelled to join some of my friends on making a point about the sexist advertising that has come from Lynx and the Man-cation campaign.

When I first saw the ad (I do not wish to link to or display the ad here, due to my hatred of it), I was disturbed. As I guy I am led to think that it should be awesome, what ‘normal’ guy wouldn’t want to go to a place like that. But that’s the problem, when ‘normal’ guys think that place is awesome there is something very wrong with our society. When women are treated as pieces of meat, as play toys for guys to use at their own whim, our view of sexuality has become terribly distorted. Whether you are a Christian or not, if you think that all people should be respected, then treating women in this way is no sign of respect.

In addition to Lynx itself promoting like this, Unilever, their parent company also produces Dove who ran the true beauty campaign for Women. This is just pure hypocrisy. If women are beautiful no matter what shape they are, then why does the same company say the ideal image for a woman to attract men is the skinny models found in the Lynx ads. It’s just terrible.

If you are disgusted like I am there is some thing you can do. The people over at collective shout are giving people to tools and resources to fight this sexist campaign. Get involved! I will be seeking to not buy Unilever products in the future, which means I need to find an alternative to Rexona deodorant, not eat Streets ice-creams, stop drinking Lipton tea and find a different washing powder than Omo. (These are just some of the items I have used, visit the Unilever site to see all their products)

Collective Shouts Parody of the Lynx Effect.

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