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Always funny


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New hobby?

I know its old news, but incase you hadn’t heard, there was a shark attack on a 15 y/o boy at North Avalon on Sunday morning. I got surfing there regularly and will do so more, now that I work … Continue reading

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This last week is preached on preached on John 4:43-54. One of the great surprises that came out of it for myself is that upon reading the bible again and again, not everything is as it appears. In this passage, … Continue reading

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Rising Tide

At the Rising Tide music festival today. Some cool bands playing such as Cuthbert and the Nightwalkers, Tokenview, Old Man River, Botanics and British India. Pity it’s raining. The festival is meant to raise awareness of global warming and the … Continue reading

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<3 the Beaches

How awesome.

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Blackout + Calvin

I’m in Narrabeen and there has been no power for almost 3 hours so far. I went and grabbed some candles from Woolies in Mona Vale (they had power) and have been reading Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion by … Continue reading

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Next Generation 09

Currently up at katoomba in the heat enjoying Next Generation the confrence formerly known as kylc. It’s been encouraging to see so many people being trained in this way as they learn to study and understand God’s word so they … Continue reading

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Live Music

Checking out a mates bros band (Ranger Spacey) at the Annandale. It’s been a while since I’ve been to see live music at a pub. But I’m enjoying feeling the vibrations of the bass in my organs. The Annandale is … Continue reading

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Crazy City

There is something that I’ve learned about being a Man City fan. Life is never boring, nor normal, nor constant. There is always change. The problem is you can’t predict what team will turn up and play. But I was … Continue reading

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Unlimited to Limited Atonment

As posted before I have been reading Driscoll’s latest offering; Death By Love. It has been an emotional and revealing journey with much to think about, much to consider in my own life and the ministry I do. It will … Continue reading

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