Music Monday: Destructor

Destructor: Ever since I first heard this song over 4 years ago I have loved it.

The latest version of this Mars Hill original has had a revamp and a slight lyric change. The reason I enjoy this song so much is that it sings of a subject we rarely do when at church; at least in a direct way. We rarely sing of God’s judgement in such obvious terms, but the whole mood of the song captures it so well. The subject of judgement is such that people are often nervous to speak about it, so to sing so candidly of it would be tough for some. That said I reckon I would want to give it a go at church sometime

One of the issues in the past was one of the lines in the first verse:

To the way that you hated your son

I always felt a little bit uncomfortable about this line, but this new version has changed that line and made it much better theologically. It now reads:

To the weight that you placed on your son

A much tighter statement of Jesus’ propitiatory work on the cross, taking the weight of God’s wrath upon sin on himself.

So check the song out, its free and check out some of the other songs they have to offer too.

Below are the lyrics in full.

From the first time you flooded the earth
To the last time you burned off the curse
To the weight that you placed on your Son
When he hung all the sin of the world

In reverence we come to your throne
Indebted to your holy Son
The ripe vine of the earth will be crushed
And your light will shine over the world

Heaven will disappear with a roar
Hosts of God will come to destroy
Sin is a declaration of war
God will have his glory one way or another

Who will not fear you oh Lord?
Just and true are your ways
Every nation will come
And glorify your name in the world

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