Haiti: Churches helping Churches

While we are all shocked right now at the severity of the Queensland floods, today is the 1 year anniversary of the Haiti earthquake.

I want to support our fellow citizens in Queensland but also want to support those who have no decent infrustructure to rely on and are feeling the effects of corruption. I’ve heard that much of the support that was pledged for Haiti has not been followed up and received, especially from other national governments.

One organisation that I want to promote and support for their work in Haiti is Churches Helping Churches. One of the resons I wish to suppot them is the way they are planning to use the money in the country. In an article on how they are and aren’t giving money they explain how they are teaching the local Haitians to own their infrastructure rebuilding process and not just receive free handouts that are not well used.

One key, experts have said, to Haiti’s recovery, would be for the international community to not blindly pour money into a country that would not be able to properly channel it into infrastructure development; The key would be for Haitians to own and implementthis recovery.

The whole article is worth a read to see how they are working through the church not just to erect buildings but to create growing and supportive church communities. The church is the people not the building.

I want to leave you with their latest video update. Please consider how to support the Haitians one year on from the disaster that affected them and also pray for the churches there. With this in mind pray also for the Queensland floods and how you will support these people too.

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