Some to be Shepherds

Earlier this week I was down at the lovely Port Hacking for the Youthworks Youth Ministry Conference.

The theme of the conference was ‘Some to be Shepherds’ and I was greatly encouraged to follow the first and greatest shepherd Jesus.

One of the great aspects of the conference was that I went residential (i.e. we stayed overnight together). This allowed for some great time of fellowship and discussion about theology, ministry and life. I found this to be the most valuable part of the conference and would highly recommend others to attend in the future.

My friend Nathan has also given his review and adds some useful points and summaries that I will not repeat here.

One thing that I came away with was a real sense to assess my own life and repent of my idolatry and sinfulness that is massively inflenced by the culture that I live in. I want to help people smash the idols in their lives so that they can see the cross clearly but I need to do that in my own life first.

So for me here are three that hit me straight away:

  • Comfort/Security
  • Sport
  • Image
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