Lynx Stynx

I feel compelled to join some of my friends on making a point about the sexist advertising that has come from Lynx and the Man-cation campaign.

When I first saw the ad (I do not wish to link to or display the ad here, due to my hatred of it), I was disturbed. As I guy I am led to think that it should be awesome, what ‘normal’ guy wouldn’t want to go to a place like that. But that’s the problem, when ‘normal’ guys think that place is awesome there is something very wrong with our society. When women are treated as pieces of meat, as play toys for guys to use at their own whim, our view of sexuality has become terribly distorted. Whether you are a Christian or not, if you think that all people should be respected, then treating women in this way is no sign of respect.

In addition to Lynx itself promoting like this, Unilever, their parent company also produces Dove who ran the true beauty campaign for Women. This is just pure hypocrisy. If women are beautiful no matter what shape they are, then why does the same company say the ideal image for a woman to attract men is the skinny models found in the Lynx ads. It’s just terrible.

If you are disgusted like I am there is some thing you can do. The people over at collective shout are giving people to tools and resources to fight this sexist campaign. Get involved! I will be seeking to not buy Unilever products in the future, which means I need to find an alternative to Rexona deodorant, not eat Streets ice-creams, stop drinking Lipton tea and find a different washing powder than Omo. (These are just some of the items I have used, visit the Unilever site to see all their products)

Collective Shouts Parody of the Lynx Effect.

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