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Ark Camp: Believe

The youth group I lead at is having our youth camp this term, to say I’m excited is an understatement. This is the first video to help promote it. If you are a teenager from around Avalon come. If you … Continue reading

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Word Designs: Divine Designspiration

A few months ago I stumbled across a guy call Jim LePage. He has talent and has be summarising books of the bible with a design. Go check them out, the summaries he gives are great too. I enjoy his … Continue reading

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Real Hope

Last Sunday I preached at church, I don’t often preach at church so I thought I might share some love on my blog. I had just finished an essay (my last) for college on eschatology and the Christian life and … Continue reading

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Lynx Stynx

I feel compelled to join some of my friends on making a point about the sexist advertising that has come from Lynx and the Man-cation campaign. When I first saw the ad (I do not wish to link to or … Continue reading

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Music Monday: Cat Stevens Tribute

Another tribute show, although there isn’t the same sense of excitement at seeing a tribute show, that quality of the music played isn’t any worse, often the musicians are even more talented at playing than the original artist. Where as … Continue reading

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