Did We Learn Anything?

I have been reflecting on something that happened Sunday during out senior youth bible study.
Often think nothing has been learnt, the boys give silly answers, the girls never say anything and they keep forgetting to look at the passage to find answers. In the end I feel discouraged that nothing significant has really happened.
But God shows me that his Spirit is at work in their hearts and minds. When it all over and I ask them to pray their prayers reflect back what they have learnt and most times it is more than I ever expected. They pray about what they learnt and ask that God will help them live for him in whatever we have been learning.
I so thankful that it is Jesus who brings about change through the Spirit in peoples lives. If it was all my work wouldn’t get anywhere.

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2 Responses to Did We Learn Anything?

  1. dave miers says:

    praise God!
    keep preaching Jesus and loving teenagers.

  2. katierae says:

    “In the end I feel discouraged that nothing significant has really happened.” – I feel the same way about my SRE class. last lesson was so bad I cried afterwards, I was so distressed. and yet today – 3 weeks later – they remembered almost every detail from that lesson. God is good!

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