Music Monday: Led Zeppelin Tribute Show

Last Thursday my dad was unable to attend a Led Zeppelin Tribute show, he gave the tickets to me and I thoroughly enjoyed taking the offer.

My knowledge of Led Zeppelin is fairly limited, and going to this proved a somewhat good education to the world of Jimmy Page and Robert Plant and their musical genius. The band was good and the various singers did well to give us a glimpse of Robert Plant and his incredible ability to sing in a variety of ways including his yell/scream.

I don’t want to be cliche but it must be said that ‘Stairway to Heaven’ is an amazing song. The way this band performed it was impressive, backed by a 6 piece string accompaniment, I was blown away by the power of the song as it builds into a cacophony of perfectly layered sound.

I was also amused by the crowd, 70/30 male and 70/30 over 50. Watching 50 year olds stand with their hands held high with the classic rock horns is brilliant.

Like the last gig I was at, this too was at the Enmore. I was downstairs in the stalls and had much more leg room and a much more comfortable experience. One thing must be said though is that the sounds was questionable. The EQ was great but if you cant get the levels right it all sounds wrong. There wasn’t much change between singers on volume so the loud ones were overbearing and painful on the yells and the softs ones were hard to distinguish from the music. I know sound techies get slammed all the time and I realise it’s a hard job, but getting the levels right is what you are paid to do, so do it

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