Music Monday: Jonsi

I was meant to post this over a month ago, but it didn’t happen.

On the Monday night of the August 2 I saw Jonsi at the Enmore Theatre. To say it was amazing is an understatement.

I’ve always said the best live gig that I have been to was Bloc Party 4 years ago, and I will continue to say this because although I thoroughly enjoyed Jonsi my expectations were not quite met. I understand that transporting an elaborative set to Australia is a massive and expensive task, but seeing videos of what was being done on his tour made me excited. Instead I missing out on that and this means I cannot replace Bloc Party with Jonsi.

That said, Jonsi was amazing live, his voice was bordering on angelic. I would like to hear him sing more without his falsetto, which is amazing and what characterises his style, to see how his voice sounds normally. I am always interested in the banter that occurs between songs, and for Jonsi there was little. He appears to be a very reserved and shy man, and what he said was more in thanks than any comments on his visit to australia or about anything in his life. This is in complete contrast to Paul Dempsey who is my favourite when it comes to banter.

Albums always fail to capture the force of percussion that will drive a song, so seeing it live was amazing, the percussion drove everything. I also enjoyed the variety on instruments used, there must have been 5 or 6 different pianos/organs/xylophones.

One last comment is reserved for the Enmore, I have been to a few gigs there and enjoyed them, this time I was further back upstairs thus making it a bit more disappointing. Plus the leg room is non existent there, my knees were crying by the end.

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