Humble Ambition?

Can you be ambitious but still remain humble?

That is the question that “Rescuing Ambition” by Dave Harvey is trying to answer. I cant remember where I heard about this book (I’m sure it was on a blog somewhere) but it will be my holiday reading. I’ve read the first chapter and already I am excited, but I was hit by one paragraph about how our current culture has had an impact on ambition.

Today’s cultural climate doesn’t help. The prevailing worldview in the West involves a distrust in big ideas and man’s ability to achieve them and the firm belief that objective truth doesn’t exist. But when we deny the truth, we suffocate ambition. Without truth as a foundation and ideas worth exploring, meandering replaces meaning, confussion trumps conviction, ambivalence swallows aspiration – nothing really matters all that much.

I’m keen to find out how the gospel and ambition work together to bring about  godly desire for great things.

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1 Response to Humble Ambition?

  1. Aliiiix says:

    interesting. Im reading through Acts at the moment, Im wondering if the Apostles ever went out and said ‘Lets change the world’ or they went out and said ‘Lets do Gods work’?

    and I spose we may need to define the ‘great things’ we should have a desire for. Is greatness measured by money, people, relationships, converts (in church based ambition)?

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