World Cup: Review + Preview

So I still have World Cup fever and I am keen for another game, this break is making me twitch. It has also ruined my sleeping pattern.


Looking back at earlier predictions, I think I did a good job.

My Aussie predictions were close, got the results of Ghana and Serbia around the wrong way, but my prediction that 4 points wouldn’t be enough was right.

I’m happy to see Italy, France and England out. My comment about England not having a world class keeper came true. But sadly I miss read the draw and the possibility of a Germany Spain final wont happen.

My surprise prediction kinda came true, Slovakia played three terrible games but one awesome one beating Italy, knocking them out and making it to the round of 16.

As for RVP scoring goals, the Dutch have been very boring in their play, just getting what need to be done, done.

Overall I have been disappointed with the World Cup as a whole. The level of quality has been down, the amount of teams willing to attack has been small and the level of refereeing has been abysmal. You don’t have to go far or read much to hear the main reasons for this (The Jabulani Ball, the refereeing, the noise of the vuvuzela’s to mention a few).


Time to make some more predictions and modify my old ones.

The pick of the quarter finals on current form has to be the Germany v Argentina match. As a German supporter my bias is obvious, but both these teams have been willing to attack. The Germans have been clinical in front of goal. Both teams are young and willing to take risks. It will be a high scoring game, and my heart says Germany but if I was to put my proverbial house that I don’t own on it, I would have to back Argentina for the win.

The other pick is the Netherlands v Brazil match. Both teams did what they needed to in the group stage. I think Brazil have the edge in this one. The dutch are a great team and it will be interesting to see how they will approach this game, will a higher speed open the match up for both teams, or will the shut each other out?

Dream final would be a repeat of the 2002 final but with Germany being the winners over Brazil. But I think it may be an all South American affair with Brazil v Argentina, with Argentina being the winner. Spain just haven’t looked good enough to break down a team like Argentina to make it to the final.

Golden boot: Higuain. He looks good is already joint top scorer and if Argentina stay to the end he will take it out.

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3 Responses to World Cup: Review + Preview

  1. justdc says:

    I agree with everything you wrote in this post, I do predict a Brazil v Argentina for the final on July 11 and I for one am backing ARGENTINA!!! 🙂 But I must ask what are your comments on the Nigerian team, I know they are out, but I think they played great, and I hope their goalkeeper gets picked up by a club soon because that man, fended off five Messi goals, lol. I’ll just wait to see

  2. Duke says:

    Nigeria looked good, it’s a pity they didn’t make it through the group stage. Their keeper had an amazing match and kept them in the game against Messi.
    The guy who got the red in the game against Greece had a brain explosion and cost them any chance of making it further.
    Yet at the same time, I doubt they would have made it past the last sixteen. Uruguay would have been too strong for them.

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