2010 World Cup: Predictions

Time to take a look into my proverbial crystal ball and make some predictions.

World Cup Winner: This is such a hard prediction to make. Will go through the top team in each group

  • France They don’t deserve to be there, and have shown that they are nothing without Zindane.
  • Argentina a great team with Messi the ultimate player, who plays for his team (not himself like Cristiano Ronaldo), but Maradona is crazy and will be their downfall.
  • England always have high expectations, the Capello factor will help them but I don’t think they can finish the job because they don’t have a truly world class keeper.
  • Germany always consistent, always making the semis, wont win because of the Ballack factor, he really is that important when it comes to the crunch games.
  • Netherlands are also strong but often struggle to win the crunch matches in the Finals. Possible finalist, but I don’t see them making it.
  • Italy, winners in 2006 always a chance, cause they knocked out my teams last year, I don’t want them to win, so they wont, selfish but I don’t care.
  • Brazil are always perennial favourites, but I don’t think they will win this year, weak link: Dunga their coach
  • Spain are a quality team and having won Euro 2008 I believe that they have the winning mentality that can win it for them, they also have one of the strongest team in all positions and depth on the bench (when Fabregas is on the bench it must be strong).



Some others.

GOLDEN BOOT: Robin Van Persie

SURPRISE PERFORMER: Slovakia (NZ will get a point)

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1 Response to 2010 World Cup: Predictions

  1. Nathan says:

    Nice predictions Duke! I’d be happy if Spain came out on top…

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