2010 FIFA World Cup: Socceroos

Friday, it all begins. Sleep will be lost, goals scored, traffic jams at random times during the night as people head home after matches. It’s World Cup time!!!

The 2002 world cup was a catalyst for me to get involved with the round game. I wasn’t a fan. I, along with many other Aussies, used to degrade soccer as a girly sport. But I was gripped by how well football united people and the tactical nous of the game. With the Socceroos qualifying and doing well in the 2006 World Cup in Germany and having become a player myself, my love grew.

This year is no different, I’m just as excited about it. The 2010 World Cup in South Africa will be a great tournament. It is great that the African continent is hosting it’s first World Cup.

But time for some predictions.

For my beloved Socceroos: We are in a tough group, Germany is an obvious favourite in the group, with the second spot up for grabs it’s a fight with Ghana and Serbia, both strong teams. I’m not sure if 4 points will get us through like it did last time. And to be honest, I think that’s all we will get. I want to be an optimist, but I’m a realist and although Verbeek has a good record with us, I don’t think he has the ability to take us to the level we need to be to get out of this group. with such expectations I guess I wont be disappointed.

AUS V GER: Loose

AUS v GHA: Win

AUS v SEB: Draw

Thus 4 points and failing to exit group stage on goal difference.

Tomorrow I will reveal my predictions about overall winner, golden boot and surprise team.

I love football and it has the ability to unite nations that are often separated by war. But more than football I love Jesus and he is the only one that can bring true healing. Check him out if you don’t know him.

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3 Responses to 2010 FIFA World Cup: Socceroos

  1. Thanks for sharring importent information in this blog.
    It was very nice.

  2. dave miers says:

    i’m tipping australia


    bring it!!!!!

  3. Nathan says:

    You’ve got one right so far (unfortunately)…let’s hope for the next one?

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