School Ministry: Tips needed.

In a couple of weeks I will be leading a seminar on school ministry at EquipT (Northern Beaches youth ministry training day).

As part of that seminar I want to encourage youth leaders to encourage their crew to be involved at school with the lunchtime group or prayer groups that may be running (and if not, start one themselves). To this end I want to ask you my readers (many who are involved in youth ministry in schools and have once been at school as a Christian) to suggest ways that we can encourage our crew to be involved. Maybe you have a story about how you didn’t want to go to it for some reason or another and that will also be useful too.


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2 Responses to School Ministry: Tips needed.

  1. Matt Jacobs says:

    Just give them a go at things. Form a little student leadership team and delegate out jobs like running a memory verse, organising and running a game, that sort of thing.

    We have a segment at ArdenCru where we interview a different kid each week about their youth group, then pray for that youth group; I’ve given that to a year 10 girl as her ministry and she loves it.

  2. Matt Jacobs says:

    Story-wise, I head that at Kings, they get pies for lunch; at the Cru group, the year 9 kids who show leadership potential get the job of handing out pies for lunch. It gives them contact with all the kids, even if it’s just to give them a pie.

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