Hymns of Passion: Jesus for Barabbas

Then to the Jews came Pilate’s voice:
“Now I demand you make your choice:
For Jesus Christ you must decide,
Or Barabbas, the homicide!”
He thought by this our Lord to save,
And hence this drastic choice he gave.

From this event we clearly see
How futile all our plans must be,
Unless God’s blessing we have sought
On every word and deed and thought.
The flesh must prove a faulty guide,
As Pilate found that Eastertide.

The Jewish leaders all decide
That Jesus must be crucified.
They urge the crowd to make their claim
To free Barabbas, to their shame.
The Prince of Life their prey must be,
The murd’rer set at liberty.

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2 Responses to Hymns of Passion: Jesus for Barabbas

  1. Roland says:

    Not one to criticize one’s sincere efforts to write song or poetry, -its meter, therefore I shan’t. Nevertheless, to rhyme without reason is to babble.

    You mention “Jesus Christ” and “Barabbas” without a clue as to who each man was, -further, why one was chosen to be ‘set free’ while the other was demanded to be ‘crucified’.

    Where to being…?
    (Please read what I write and what I have not written.)
    Briefly, let us start at the beginning i.e. with the first ‘anointed’ king of the Jews: Saul, of the tribe of Benjamin. (see Samuel) King Saul was ‘replaced’ by the ‘anointment’ of David (of the tribe of Judah). King David was succeeded by the ‘anointment’ of his son, Solomon. King Solomon was succeeded by his son, Rehoboam… he was rejected by ten tribes and a parallel ‘secular’ government was instituted in it stead. That schism among the Jews continued down through the centuries… into the days of Herod the Great’s passing away. Then up rose one ‘Judas the Galilean’ in an insurrection to overthrow the ‘secular’ government in the hopes of re-establish that ancient ‘theocracy’ of David and Solomon, -others continuously carried the banner and followed suit… until the nation was utterly destroyed.
    No Jew, during the reign of Pilate, ever knew or saw or even heard of “Jesus Christ”.
    Jesus Barabbas, on the other hand, was very well known. Written in the original Greek Gospel according or attributed to Matthew (27:17) His name was indeed “Jesus”, -He was called “Barabbas”. Barabbas is not a proper name or surname (any more so than is “Christ”), -it is an Aramaic appellation, the meaning of which is: Bar = Son + Abba = Father (as in ‘the Father of us all’ or, ‘God’, if you will). Who, actually, was that particular ‘descendant of David and Jewish messiah’ (‘anointed’) -who was crucified under Pontius Pilate, -no one really knows (as there were hundreds of those who ‘carried the banner’ that were crucified… as well as thousands of ‘messianic followers). Likewise, we know next to nothing about Jesus Barabbas, -despite of His ‘notoriety’ (that no historian has even bothered(?) to write about.

    Roland, a reluctant iconoclast.

  2. Duke says:


    Firstly I apologise for not linking my previous posts on this subject. They give the detail that these are not of my own but rather a translation of an Icelandic poet.

    I am not going to enter a debate with you regarding the historical evidence sourounding Jesus of Nazareth, The Christ. But simply to say that there is much evidence from Jews who were not of those called Christians. Josephus is clear example.


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