Life by Jesus

This last weekend I gave three talks on West Pymble’s junior youth camp EXTREME. It was a great weekend and was greatly encouraged by both the crew and their leaders.

My talks were based in Colossians and I really enjoyed preparing and giving them.

The first dealt with the ancient creed found in Colossians 1:15-23. Each time I read this passage I am filled with great awe and wonder about who Jesus is. It also reminds me about who I am. Our culture is obsessed with itself. It also reminds me that I am not in control of the world, that I actually have very little influence on what happens in the world around me.

We see two crucial aspects of who Jesus is:

First we see that Jesus is the Creator (vv. 15-17) He has created ‘all things’ and they are sustained by him.

Second we see Jesus is the Saviour (vv. 18-22), he is the head of the church, and he has brought reconciliation between us and God, there is no longer a divide between us.

When we realise that Jesus is the one who created us, sustains us and has saved us reconciled us to God then we are called to stand strong in our faith (v. 23), worshiping him a Lord and Saviour with thankfulness.

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