Leaving Chappo

I’ve been a little quiet for 3 weeks cause of exams, I have certainly learnt a lot studying for them, not sure how much is going to stay in, but time will tell right?

I started moving most of my stuff out of my room tonight, taking advantage of my dad’s venture in to celebrate the end of exams. The rest will go tomorrow and Monday.

Here are some fun facts:

  • I’ve been living here in for about 28 months if you also subtract time away because of holidays (but was here from late Jan 07 till late Nov 09)
  • I lived in room 69 and room 54
  • The current principal of the college, John Woodhouse was in my room in 1973. (Well at least someone by that name)
  • I broke 1 window (on Monday) during my time.
  • Lived next to an Asian drug supplier (Shu, is a pharmacist)

I’ve had a great time living here and although I have a long list of things I really don’t like about it, the experience has been a positive one. I’ve made great friends and enjoyed living in a large communal group. I’m an extrovert so this is good for me.

Through it all, I’ve come to know myself better and this has been insightful for my life in the future.

So to all the boys (men?) I’ve lived with, THANKS.

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