Managing Anxiety (Part 4)

Anxiety - MA4

Control TMA (Too much activity) and electronic over-stimulation

This seems to be getting harder and harder. As a closet tech nerd and sociophile, I love my Facebook, Twitter and blogging. My iPhone keeps me constantly connected and therefore constantly distracted too. Along with that I also subscribe to many other blogs and news feeds, so there is always new information at my fingertips. But I know I need to disconnect and take a rest from time to time. Therefore I have technology fasts every few months for a day. TMA can actually make you less productive, less attentive to whats actually going on in front of you and cause more stress and anxiety.

Fo me I need to be more disciplined in my use of technology. to not be enslaved to them and use them for good. Graham Stantons article on twitter is a cracker (read it). I also need to shut myself down from electronic stimulation earlier in the night. I heard somewhere that the blue light coming from screens keeps you awake, and therefore you should stop looking at them an hour or two before heading to bed.

Have fun

Sounds simple and for some it is. I think for me, this is true. I like to have fun, and be silly from time to time. People who are always serious are boring, sorry you just are. Having fun is good for you. It relaxes you and helps deal with anxiety.

If you struggle to have fun regularly, make an effort to do so.  Work out what you have fun doing, and try to do that more often than you do now.

Keep reflecting on how the truths of the gospel speak into your particular situation

It is always good to be reminding yourself of God’s love, grace and providence in your life. Different situations provide different challenges but the Gospel speaks to all in every situation. My personal experience is that the more I am aware and dependent on God they less worried, stress and anxious I am.

Seek professional help if you need it

As people in leadership, ministers often feel they need to have it all together, that they aren’t allowed to show weakness. But if you are struggling with stress, anxiety or other similar problems, don’t be proud, instead seek professional help.

This is the last post in the series, I hope you have benefited as I have.

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1 Response to Managing Anxiety (Part 4)

  1. Nathan says:

    Great series Duke – honest and practical. Thanks!

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