Managing Anxiety (Part 3)

Anxiety - MA3

Watch your diet

A healthy diet means a healthy body. The wrong food can make you feel terrible and lack energy rather than give you the energy to do your job. Be careful in times of stress that you don’t engorge yourself on ‘comfort’ food; such as chocolate, chips, lollies, greasy fatty foods. I personally need to watch this more, I’m terrible at consistently having breakfast (the most important meal they say). So often my food intake is lunch, dinner then midnight snack (This could be because of my sleeping patterns (more on that below)). Bad news.

More advice that my dad consistently gives me. Drink lots of water. It’s good for hydration and good for your digestion and urinal tracts.

Be wary of caffeine and alcohol intake

I hate coffee, but have a favourable disposition to Red Bull, not a good alternative for a caffeine hit. Having realised this I have cut down on my Red Bull intake, its probably down from 5 or 6 a week to 1 or 2 even none sometimes. But I must admit my Coke intake has increased a little (not good for above). You need to ask yourself, can I start the day without my morning coffee? If not, then you may be a slave to it. I suggest a caffeine fast, you might notice the terrible way your body reacts for a week, but I reckon its worth it.

Alcohol is also a big danger, our society is an example of this. When we are going through a tough time we go out and get drunk to numb the pain, forget our worries and wake up feeling worse than before. Alcohol is a depressant, not good if you are already depressed. You may have issues with alcohol if you need a glass of wine or scotch before you head to bed.

Get enough sleep

We are all different and require different amounts of sleep to function. I need as much as I can get. If I don’t get it my body will take it for me, ignoring all alarms and attempts to wake me. Certain periods of life will mean you get less sleep (new borns and young kids). But a good sleep does an amazing amount of good when it comes to dealing with stress.  A lack of sleep will only increase stress and anxiety.

I need to fix my sleeping patterns. I’m a night owl but need 8 hours of sleep. Ideally for me this happens between 2-10am but this makes it harder to function with the rest of society, so I need to change it. Some nights I experience (self diagnosed) mild insomnia and cant sleep until 4 or 5 even though I had an early morning that day. I’m trying to deal with this, but prayer would be great.

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