Managing Anxiety (Part 2)

Anxiety - MA2

Have ‘down’ times each day and each week

We need rest, even during the day. So go do something not related to work. Do something physical; my dad said watching TV isn’t a proper break from study cause your mind is still working too much. Physical activity releases mental stress.

So have down time each day but also try to set aside a good chunk of time aside each week to just chill out. As a single guy there are plenty of things I could do. If your married do something fun with your wife (in addition to your date night), if you have kids, play with them, spend time with them.

Another good idea is to have extended time of silence and solitude on a regular basis. So if you can organise a full day a quarter and 1 weekend (could be 2 days midweek) a year to leave the city and spend time praying, meditating on scripture and planning the future. Work on your life not just in it.

Resolve conflicts and relationship problems quickly

One of the major causes of stress is relational conflict, so the quicker you can resolve them, the less stress and anxiety you will have to deal with. Pretty simple. There will be cases when this is harder but strive to resolve things quickly because if they are left unresolved bitterness can creep in and destroy.

Exercise regularly

This is obvious and we are told it all the time but so often fail to listen to the advice. They say 3-5 sessions of 20-30 min per week. I know when i’ve done exercise it make me more relaxed and less stressed. I love surfing, and when I haven’t been for a while I can feel myself becoming more tense and stressed. Work exercise into your weekly routine, block out time for it.

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