Anxiety: Symptoms

Anxiety - Symptoms

The following symptoms are taken directly from the lecture unedited. The one’s in BOLD are ones that I personally experience from time to time, usually a rare occurrence.

Physiological symptoms:

  • weak all over
  • rapid, pounding heartbeat or palpitations
  • tightness around chest
  • hyperventilation (feeling of not getting enough air)
  • periodic dizziness and sweating
  • muscle tension, aches, or tremors
  • chronic fatigue

    Cognitive symptoms:

    • I can’t carry on. I’ve got to get out of here
    • What if I make a fool of myself?
    • People looking at me all the time
    • I’m having a heart attack
    • I’m going to faint
    • I’m going crazy
    • I can’t go on alone; no one will help
    • I can’t go out; I will lose control
    • I feel confused and can’t remember things

    Emotional symptoms:

    • I’m full of fears that I can’t get out of my mind
    • I feel like something terrible is going to happen
    • I worry excessively
    • I feel uneasy and alone a lot of the time
    • I often feel isolated, lonely, down in the dumps, and depressed
    • I feel I have no control over what happens to me
    • I feel embarrassed, rejected and criticized
    • I often feel like screaming with anger

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          1. Nathan says:

            Wow, after reading those emotional symptoms…let’s just say I’m looking forward to the remaining posts in the series.

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