Anxiety: Series Intro

Anxiety basic

Last week I had the pleasure of enjoying some pure gold in one of my lectures. As a subject Congregational Ministry is often neglected and seen somewhat periphery to others. This lecture though was in the words of a fellow student “worth the price of the course.”

Keith Condie is one of the most loving, caring people around, has amazing insights into pastoral care and wise living. Therefore I must credit all the major ideas in the upcoming series to him and this lecture. Much of what will be said is common sense and Keith has done well to glean from a wealth of information to give some concise and beneficial advice. I have been greatly convicted by much of what was said need to make changes for both my own welfare and for the service and love of others and most importantly Jesus as I conduct my ministry.

Although many of these posts will apply to full time gospel ministry, they are just as useful for any person living in our world of instant gratification that is always connected flying along at max velocity (much like that sentence).

I currently plan to make 7 posts:

  1. Stress
  2. Symptoms of Anxiety
  3. Bible and Anxiety
  4. Managing Anxiety (Part 1): Balance and Margins
  5. MA (Part 2): Down time, relationships and exercise
  6. MA (Part 3): Diet and sleep
  7. MA (Part 4): TMA, Fun and the Gospel
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3 Responses to Anxiety: Series Intro

  1. Al says:

    Looking forward to it

  2. Mark Earngey says:

    Hey man, this looks like an awesome series. Keith is a wonderful blessing to this college eh! … In case you were interested – last week’s Pilgrim’s Podcast we interviewed Jenny Brown (she’s a counsellor) and spent some good time talking about anxiety and tension in relationships (with respect to church ministry and family). You might like it! 🙂

  3. dave miers says:

    i’m anxious for this series to kick off!!

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