6 Weeks

The amount of time until my exams start (also the amount of time since I last blogged).

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My focus will be on three core subjects. Last year I failed two of them and I don’t wish to repeat that this time.

New Testament 2

The second half of the year has seen the focus change from John to 1 Corinthians. I love this book. I think Driscoll sums up the book well  with his sermon series title “Christians gone wild” because that’s what the church in Corinth had become.

The key themes that I will be looking at will be holiness, gifts, eschatology, women in Pauline thought and the cross of Christ.

Old Testament 2

To be honest this subject frustrates me sometimes. Interacting with critical scholars is essential and fruitful (something that I didn’t see clearly last year) but often it just makes me annoyed due to extent to which some scholars stretch their arguments to fit the data in order to discredit the word of God.

That being said, it is great to study 3 parts of the OT; The Pentateuch (Deuteronomy), The Former Prophets (1&2 Samuel) and The later Prophets (Isaiah).

It is broken into two exams, the first is the theology of the larger sections, the second is an exegetical exam on the set texts (in parenthesis)

Doctrine 3

This exam freaks me out and luckily it is the last exam and therefore almost 8 weeks away. I have to integrate all the doctrine stuff from last year with this year. A daunting task.

Last year we looked at; The knowledge if God, the doctrine of God, creation, providence, humanity, sin and the work of Christ.

This year we have looked at; Christian hope (kingdom of God, judgement, new creation), Doctrines of grace and the Christian Life (election, justification, sanctification, faith, prayer and Christian obedience) and Church, ministry and sacraments (fellowship, nature of the church, the church in God’s purposes, baptism and the Lord’s super).

Other Exams

I do have other exams, but I am less worried by them. I live and breathe Youth Ministry so i’m not concerned about it. Philosophy will stretch my brain, but it is containable, all in the english language and taught well.

I have started planning how to attack the study, the test will be implementing it. Much prayer and encouragement would be appreciated.

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