Half My Life

Was reflecting on my time so far in youth ministry, I started going when I was in 7 and regularly in year 8. I’m now 25 so that means I’ve been going to youth group on Friday nights for about half my life.
I love it and I want to be doing it for many more years.

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2 Responses to Half My Life

  1. Nathan says:

    Half your life and still keen! Glad to hear it brother, it’s so great when people are in youth ministry for the long haul.

  2. Matt Jacobs says:

    Big fella!
    I’m in the same boat as you – 28, been a Christian since I was 14, have only missed a handful of weeks of youth group since. Don’t really feel like getting my friday nights back either, I get all fidgety on friday nights during holidays.
    Keep fighting the good fight man!

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