LATE Monday Sync #8

Sick again, so over it, second chest infection in as many months.


Sickness draws me back to rely on the Lord. The one class I went to today, and subsequently struggled through was Doctrine, talked about prayer and asking. Very convicting yet also affirming. So college is currently in my vague mindspace.

Give Thanks:

  • For all that I continue to learn at college. It has stretched and helped my thinking about the nature of God and his work in the world to redeem it.
  • My mates at college who look out for me, they are great. asking me how I’m dealing with being in two different years along with the study.

This Week:

  • I’m sick so healing would be great.
  • I have an exegetical (commentary on a couple of verses) from 1 Cor 2:6-10 due, it’s a great passage, just want to get the most out of it.
  • I’ve been loving doing research and reading for my Youth Ministry essay due at the end of the term on incarnational ministry and evangelism. Need to keep reading and understanding peoples positions.

As always thanks for your prayers.

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