The Next 10 Months

This weekend marks the start of the English Premier League and I am very excited.

City 060(

As one who supports Man City, I am looking forward to seeing what our new signings have to offer. But I do so with hesitancy knowing that it could quite possibly be another ‘typical city’ season. Supporting city has its ups and downs, some will say more downs, but its ‘onwards and upwards’ right? Supporting city also reminds me that there is more to life than football, and more than just winning. don’t get me wrong, winning is great, but the unpredictability of city means I never have to show much faith in them, thus leaving me available to keep following Jesus more faithfully.

Admittedly there will be the odd late night, but thinking it will be wise to record and watch later, along with the large possibility of fully moving out of home and thus away from Foxtel at the end of the year.

Last year I made some predictions, I think I was a little wrong, but oh well. Time for some more.

League Champions: Man Utd (as much as I hate to say it, none of the top four have done much in the transfer market)

Top 4: Man U, Liverpool, Chelsea, Man City.

Europa League Qualifiers: Arsenal, Villa, Everton.

Relegation: Hull, Burnsley, Portsmouth.

FA Cup: Chelsea

League Cup: Man City (I want silverware this season)

Champions League: Real Madrid (will be keen to see the Galacticos do their thing)

In addition, the A-League kicked off last weekend. 17 goals scored in 5 games, Sydney FC winning, Victory loosing. Great start. Gold Coast Utd look dangerous. 6 teams for finals is stupid though.

Minor Premiers: Sydney FC

Finals Winner: Gold Coast

Top 6 (in order): Sydney FC, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Adelaide, Central Coast, Perth.

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3 Responses to The Next 10 Months

  1. So do you mean to say Arsenal will come in 8th?

    Bold prediction – but I would love to see it.

  2. Trent McGrath says:

    Liverpool & United will struggle to stay top 4 this year.


  3. Duke says:

    Sorry All, In my excitement to place city in the 4 I forgot about Arsenal for Europe.
    All Fixed Now

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