Sermons and the Bible

I listen to a lot of sermons on podcasts, like around 4 or 5 regularly a week. But this week at college I was convicted about the amount of time I spend listening to others explain God’s word compared to how much I search the scriptures for my own personal study and quiet time. There is much to be gained from listening to preaching, especially as one who preaches. But I realised I need to be diving into the scripture more myself.

Some questions that I have been thinking through are:

  • Am I letting sermons become my quiet time?
  • By listening to more sermons what larger chunks of the Bible am I missing out on?
  • Why do I often prefer to listen to a sermon rather than open up my Bible?
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1 Response to Sermons and the Bible

  1. Matt Jacobs says:

    interesting thought this.

    one of my lecturers used to work in a college in Tanzania, and in the church he went to, he found that he couldn’t just say ‘read your Bible’ to people … because they couldn’t read.

    someone told me that he said that teaching memory verses became really important so that even though they couldn’t read, they could still memorise verses or passages, and meditate on them instead.

    sure, it’s not the same as digging into a passage … but perhaps the point is not more reading and thinking, but more meditation, more relationship, more transformation?

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