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Half My Life

Was reflecting on my time so far in youth ministry, I started going when I was in 7 and regularly in year 8. I’m now 25 so that means I’ve been going to youth group on Friday nights for about … Continue reading

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LATE Monday Sync #8

Sick again, so over it, second chest infection in as many months. Sickness draws me back to rely on the Lord. The one class I went to today, and subsequently struggled through was Doctrine, talked about prayer and asking. Very … Continue reading

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The Next 10 Months

This weekend marks the start of the English Premier League and I am very excited. ( As one who supports Man City, I am looking forward to seeing what our new signings have to offer. But I do so with … Continue reading

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Sermons and the Bible

I listen to a lot of sermons on podcasts, like around 4 or 5 regularly a week. But this week at college I was convicted about the amount of time I spend listening to others explain God’s word compared to … Continue reading

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It’s All About Jesus

I’m looking forward to the summer mini series from Mars Hill. ‘It’s All About Jesus’ sounds great. I didn’t really get on board with the Trial series for some reason. But looking forward to hearing some of the other elders … Continue reading

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