Technology and Hand-Writing

Was reading an article about the demise of running-writing, or cursive writing if you are American. In the states a lot of the blame is being put on technology but also on standardised testing.
One part that stood out though was this:

We are living in the age of social networks and frenzied conversation, composing more e-mails, texting more messages and keeping in touch with more people than ever before. Maybe this is the trade-off. We’ve given up beauty for speed, artistry for efficiency. And yes, maybe we are a little bit lazy

Out world is all about speed and efficiency. We want things done quick, but have lost the ability for creativity. Everything is about results and so luxury disciplines are being left behind. I have to admit I am a terrible writer as well, but do enjoy writing by hand from time to time. I remember my primary school years of writing books with extra lines for the frills of running-writing. They were fun days. I think I might go write a letter later today.

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3 Responses to Technology and Hand-Writing

  1. Joel says:

    Yet cursive is more efficient than printing…

    Part of the problem is we view language as static rather than as evolutionary these days – with the “default” being around the 1950’s (think of our leaders to date and that might give you a hint why).

  2. Duke says:

    yeah, true.

    My dad told me that computers produced more waste than saved it, both paper and time when it came to draft work in architecture.

    When it was by hand,they did the best they could to do it right straight away, and edited the one piece of paper until a final copy was made, now they print out many drafts and make more mistakes knowing they can alter it easily.

    I think there has been some evolution to language due to technology though. TXT short hand is making a huge impact on communication.

  3. Joel says:

    True that, though at the same time the level of inspection wasn’t as high because of it. There were less details attended too, and more allowances for error through margins inherent in designs.

    Short hand, too, has long existed – used for its high efficiency. This has carried over.

    I think what *has* changed is formalities. Email allows for rapid decisions to be made and an audit trail is laid, where once there was very little evidence of decisions unless actively made.

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