Monday Sync #7

Been a while since I did a sync. Stuff has been happening, was on holiday, sick and busy with essays.


School goes back tomorrow so I thought this weeks sync would focus on youth.

Give Thanks:

  • I had a good break, and am looking forward to youth group resuming this week.
  • My fellow youth leaders who are mostly parents. They serve so well, and give a whole new dimension to leadership that younger leaders can’t provide.
  • The crew at Avalon have been great, it’s been good to see them grow, invite mates along, ask more questions,open up their lives to others, serve and love Jesus more.

This Week:

  • This term we are looking at James. Pray for myself and the other speakers that we can be faithful to God’s word as we teach it.
  • Pray that the crew will continue to invite their friends, and that their friends hear about Jesus and respond in faith and repentance.
  • Term 3 is known as a hard term in youth ministry, pray for energy and excitement founded on a trust in God’s provision.

As always Thanks

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