As everyone already knows, quicker than ever before through twitter and FB updates, MJ is dead. Whatever you think about who he was as a person and the terrible things that he did. His music made him the king of pop and gave us some of the best dance grooves ever. He was a genius when it came to music. My first cassette  tape was Bad, I remember cranking it loud in my room and dancing around as a 11 year old.

The one thing that celebrity death does remind us of though is that we do die. Death is tragic and loss and pain is felt when it happens. Death is a heavy topic, but I am thankful for Jesus who has conquered death, sin and the devil. That there is eternal life found in Him and His death and resurrection.

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One Response to BAD

  1. Nathan says:

    Bummed (about Jackson that is). It’s so much more jarring when an icon passes away…

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