Monday Sync #4

At times I wish I was more creative and knew how to use the English language to my advantage in creating clever introductions, but that isn’t going to happen. It’s just not my gifting.


This past week has brought much to be thankful for, and although I have things to pray for I want to give thanks today.


  • Salvation, this weekend I have felt an indescribable joy founded in faith I have in Christ and seeing so many around me being changed to be more like Jesus.
  • The word of God. Been digging into Acts in my quiet times, loving it. Been convicted to be bold in my preaching of the truth and to not back down.
  • For the Holy Spirit’s work in making me more like Jesus. Preached on this yesterday. Has open my own eyes to the times when legalism has crept into my life instead of a true love of Jesus.
  • Music. Saw Garage Hymnal launch their new album on Saturday. Fantastic stuff, They are a band who are really working hard to make good music.
  • For the Ark (Youth Group). God has blessed us with new people and there has been a new energy this term.

This Week:

  • Working on an Old Testament essay for college. It’s on marriage (and divorce) from Dueteronomy. I have enjoyed do the research so far.
  • Energy, Feeling really exhausted today (possibly post preaching drain). Not keen to get sick.

As always, thanks for praying.

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1 Response to Monday Sync #4

  1. Mark Earngey says:

    Bro, always stoked to hear about preachers getting shaken by their own message. I’m preaching this weekend and have been praying for just that!

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