Monday Sync #3

I love my mates, it is so much fun hanging out with them.


With college and church cruising along in 3rd I thought it would be good to take time to give thanks for and pray for my mates. Last night I had dinner with one of my mates who is now living down in Batemans Bay. It was great to catch up and spend time encouraging each other. It reminded me of the holiday me and the boys had in January to Mollymook. On the last night we sat on the beach after hitting golf balls into the ocean and prayed for each other. It was interesting to see how we were all at different crossroads in some way or another. Whether it was looking work, preparing for marriage, dealing with the heavy demands of Uni while continuing to serve at church, strength to stand up for Jesus in a hard environment, changing churches or dealing with what the new year would bring.


  • Friends are a blessing, Thanks for the many friends that God has blessed me with.
  • My friends are also encouraging and willing to challenge me too. I give thanks that they say the hard things.


  • At times I feel spread thin in many of my friendships (happens when you move somewhere else a few times). Work out which friendships are a priority and invest in them.
  • Invest in the friendships I have with those who aren’t followers of Jesus.
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