Monday Sync #1

In my last post I was reflecting on the history of my blog. One part of that history was hump day prayers. I thought I would bring that back, but move it to Monday.


Monday is good because I sort out the week ahead and consider what’s coming up. Because I do that anyway, posting here about prayer needs and thanks just seems a natural progression.


  • Give thanks for God’s creation, over the last few weeks I have had the optortunity to get out into it and enjoy it; surfing and walking. It is always refreshing.
  • Give thanks for the great group of leaders that serve at The Ark (Youth group @ St Marks Avalon). They are a constant encouragement of faithful service. Most of them are parents, and they love the crew that come every Friday.
  • Give thanks for College, it continues to grow my knowledge of the Creator, and in turn my love of him.

This Week

  • The Ark is doing a series on the antiheroes of the bible, This week I am speaking on Samson and how although he was string, God brought hope through his weakness. Pry that I would be clear and that the Holy Spirit would work in the hearts of the crew.
  • For the senior high bible study (Still deciding on a name: regenerate, revolution are current options, thoughts?), that they would continue to grow in Christian maturity as we look at the book of 1 Peter.

Each week I will aim to highlight a certain area, but I went genreal this week. Thank you for those who regularly come and read my ramblings, this way you can now give back.

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One Response to Monday Sync #1

  1. dave miers says:

    just prayed for ya.

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