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More on Limited Atonement

My doctrine class at college has reminded me of the limited atonement issue that I started but never finished discussing at the start of the year. So when it comes to the atonement it can be said that generally unless … Continue reading

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Garage Hymnal

When it comes to Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) my typical response is cringe and run for it. Not so with Garage Hymnals latest instalment. Their self titled album is a fantastic testimony to well thought out Christ focused music. In … Continue reading

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Monday Sync #4

At times I wish I was more creative and knew how to use the English language to my advantage in creating clever introductions, but that isn’t going to happen. It’s just not my gifting. This past week has brought much … Continue reading

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Cosmetic Surgery to the Glory of God

A friend and I were discussing the ethics of cosmetic surgery a few nights ago. The questions we were left with were; If we are created in God’s image, what modifications can we make to the bodies He has given … Continue reading

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Monday Sync #3

I love my mates, it is so much fun hanging out with them. With college and church cruising along in 3rd I thought it would be good to take time to give thanks for and pray for my mates. Last … Continue reading

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Daniel Dylan Baker

Congratulations to my mates Peter and Pamela Baker for the birth of their second son today. Vitals: 3.2 kg and 51cm long Children are a blessing from the Lord. Please pray for them.

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Monday Sync #2

Preaching the word of God is such a great privilege but also a huge responsibility. God’s word is powerful and changes lives. The preaching of His word is of utmost importance. This week I am preaching on the role of … Continue reading

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