MTC Mission 09


I was hoping to post more often about mission, but been busy and tired, which is a good thing. But here are some quick reflections.

  • Heaven is awesome, I love talking to people about it.
  • Teenagers are totally capable of doing a lot, we just have low expectations of them.
  • PAC (Penrith Anglican College) is an amazing place. The staff love Jesus and are keen to see the students love him too. You see this in the priority that the lunchtime groups get (nothing can be set on a Wed lunch). But they also have a great balance of education where the kids don’t have Jesus forced onto them in each subject.
  • Paddock bashing is so much fun, but best done with rear wheel drive cars.
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2 Responses to MTC Mission 09

  1. davemiers says:

    totally with you about the low expectations thing.

    sounds like a great school.

    keep preaching Jesus.

  2. Matt Jacobs says:

    hey mate,

    I was going to say ‘totally with you on the low expectations thing’ but davemiers already said exactly that.

    Andrew Thorburn – a youthworks advisor – told me about a book called ‘Do Big Things’ by Josh Harris (I kissed dating goodbye)’s twin brothers.

    I’m about halfway through, and while it’s heaps american, I’m feeling like I need to buy copies for some of the teenagers at church.

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