New hobby?

I know its old news, but incase you hadn’t heard, there was a shark attack on a 15 y/o boy at North Avalon on Sunday morning. I got surfing there regularly and will do so more, now that I work in Avalon.

avalon-001Photo:Flickr – brentbat

I was talking to my cousin who is an avid big game fisher, and knows sharks can be more vicious than Verbeek on A-league strikers, and told him that the shark attack wasn’t going to stop me from surfing, and that if one was going to bite me, then so be it.

His response was classic (and the reason for writing).

I would be finding a new hobby, like chess

I appreciate the skill of chess, but the water is too nice and the feeling of surfing too fun to give up. So chess will have to wait till a shark actually bites me.

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2 Responses to New hobby?

  1. Matt Jacobs says:

    or you could be a male version of Bethany Hamilton and keep surfing anyway.

  2. hobbies says:

    mmm. informative.

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