This last week is preached on preached on John 4:43-54. One of the great surprises that came out of it for myself is that upon reading the bible again and again, not everything is as it appears.


In this passage, on the surface it looks like a normal healing that Jesus does, one of many, the man believes and his son is healed. But when you dig closer you see there is a puzzle being built.

Jesus starts by saying ‘a prophet has no honour in his hometown’ then John informs us that he was welcomed by the people in his hometown. What the??

Later after the Royal offical asks fo rJesus to come with him to heal his sick son, Jesus tells the same crowd that ‘unless you seee sings and miracles you will not believe’ exposing their false welcome.

But the man whose boy is sick responds in a way that recieves Jesus. The crux of the passage is seen in v. 50b ‘The man believed what Jesus said to him and departed.’ This man trusted Jesus at his word, and acted upon it. He left not knowing if his son had been healed, but acting in the belief that he had been.

If you believe Jesus’ words are powerful and have authority, are you waiting for that confirmation, like the crowd waiting for the miraculous. Or are you like the royal offical, acting on your belief and living by the words of Jesus revealed in the bible.

Interestingly, Phillip Jensen wrote an article on this the day I preached it.

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