So I finally got myself a twitter account. I understand peoples reservations and complaints about twitter. It does seem like a pointless addition to FB status updates, but I have found it very useful keeping up to date with some friends who are overseas.

If you are on twitter and would like to follow me, my twitter account is eserediuk.

And to give you an idea of what I say on it here is a random collect of tweets I have made in the last few days.

Is missing his adventures in Ukraine, but would also like 2 head 2 NY for some Russian/Ukrainian culture, random.

Slowly making my way through it all. 300 done 350 to go.

Wants dessert. Should I go to maccy d’s or not for a mcflurry?

So sweaty and sore after youth. So much fun tho. Loving youth.

chatting with @martingibson about church web design.

They say the population is generally growing but bus seats are getting closer. No leg room on those new buses for tall people.

In class talking about textual criticism of thw NT. It’s cool talking about old manuscripts and how to account for variations on them

Fun times.

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One Response to Twitter

  1. Lunch says:

    Twitter is weird. But kinda cool.

    P.S. There’s a typo in that link …

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