Earlier today I read a great blog on marriage. It made me assess my own heart and desires concerning marriage. I think for many Christians it can easily become an issue of idolatry. I also appreciated the analysis of Radiohead, also one of my favourite bands.


For myself, in my singlesness, am I content with my current situation and my identity in Christ? Are my deepest desires to be more than that?

I would have to say there are moments when marriage has become an idol for me. It is great to be reminded of the the power of the Gospel to make marriage truly beautiful.

But God in Christ offers us grace. He does not love us based on performance. He does not demand that we perform perfectly to obtain his love and acceptance. Instead, he performs perfectly for us, in life and in death and in resurrection, offering us true and ultimate joy and intimacy, from which we can freely love and respect our spouses.

Perhaps it might be the opposite for you. You are scared of marriage, you may not have all the cynicism that many in the wider community hold but you are hesitant to move in that direction, happy with the lifestyle you are living now, happy to be selfish rather than sacrificial.

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2 Responses to Marriage

  1. Martin says:

    I think single people have to be equally sacrificial in their lives. Instead of being sacrificial to their love, being sacrificial to God in service and in prayer.

    I agree I think some people idolize marriage. I look at marriage as being yes of course a gift from God, but also just another step of life. Just like being a child, a young adult, a worker, a retiree, a widower it is another phase of life that we get to be with God. Yet we never see people idolise these facets of life. Is their some sinful underlying motif behind peoples desire for marriage and not these other blessings of life?

  2. Duke says:

    No doubt, I agree there are some great sacrifices that single people make and often they can be the backbone to many churches in the use of their time and energy.
    I think one of the reasons that marriage can be idolised over the rest of the stages of life is that it directly involves someone else and also fulfils two of the intense desires we have as humans, relationship and sex.
    That being said, I think there are some life stages that people can turn into idols, the teen years of fun and freedom, with little responsibility can be idolised and we see that in our society with the extension of youth (30 is the new 20 etc) along with youth being the ideal in advertising etc. But at the same time there is also a desire for people to be in that next stage of life. Teens want to be adults when they aren’t ready, workers want to be retired so they can relax in retirement. Marriage is as you said one of the life stage that for many is the next step in life, but there are more factors involved.
    Hope that help mate.
    Great comment though.

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