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Matt Chandler Gold

Untitled from The Village Student Ministry on Vimeo.

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Belief and Practice in YM

I thought I would share an essay I wrote for college back in first year. It was for my youth ministry course. The question was: How important is the balance between belief and practice in youth ministry? From your own … Continue reading

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Olive Tree

I’ve recently been informed of a great software company that writes great bible software for portable devices like PDA’s and phones. There are called Olive Tree and now I have the Greek New Testament and the ESV Study Bible on … Continue reading

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Rising Tide

At the Rising Tide music festival today. Some cool bands playing such as Cuthbert and the Nightwalkers, Tokenview, Old Man River, Botanics and British India. Pity it’s raining. The festival is meant to raise awareness of global warming and the … Continue reading

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Reading update

Just in case you cared, I updated my reading list having finally finished a couple of the books I have started, also added a whole heap of books that I’m reading for college this semester. And as I say there, … Continue reading

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So I finally got myself a twitter account. I understand peoples reservations and complaints about twitter. It does seem like a pointless addition to FB status updates, but I have found it very useful keeping up to date with some … Continue reading

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Earlier today I read a great blog on marriage. It made me assess my own heart and desires concerning marriage. I think for many Christians it can easily become an issue of idolatry. I also appreciated the analysis of Radiohead, … Continue reading

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Indulgences and Purgatory

Having just read Calvin on this issue, I have been alerted to the reintroduction of this doctrine to the Roman Catholic Church, which was removed during the reforms of Vatican II in the 60’s. To be honest this concerns me … Continue reading

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