New Reading

So I just got Mark Driscoll’s new book, Death By Love, and I am very excited about reading it. This excitement is not due to the fact that Driscoll wrote it, but how he wrote it.

The Cross is central to the Christian Faith and so Driscoll has looked at all the differing aspects of the Cross and written letters to people on how a certain aspect of the Cross impacts on their life. This approach has me excited (though I don’t look it). It is really practical and engaging.

Some Chapter titles:

  • “Demons Are Tormenting Me”: Jesus is Kate’s Christus Victor
  • “Lust is My God”: Jesus is Thomas’ Redemption
  • “I Am Going to Hell”: Jesus is Hank’s Ransom
  • “I Hate My Brother”: Jesus is Kurt’s Reconciliation

Once I’ve read it, I will share some thoughts, I promise!!

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5 Responses to New Reading

  1. Steve says:

    Sounds good mate!

    but seriously, whats doing with that singlet? i thought you were a northern beaches man?

    has newtown changed you?


  2. Duke says:

    Dude the WB is standard attire for the Beaches

  3. Steve says:

    Do I dare ask you to print the meaning of WB?

    I know, but will you say it?

    Better not!!


  4. Duke says:

    probably best not to.
    just the easiest way to refer to it.

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