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Silence and Solitude

Thought I would share a few pics from a session I had out in the bush, reading, praying and reflecting. Need to do it again soon.

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New Reading

So I just got Mark Driscoll’s new book, Death By Love, and I am very excited about reading it. This excitement is not due to the fact that Driscoll wrote it, but how he wrote it. The Cross is central … Continue reading

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The Future

So Far… Things are winding up at my current church, next year I will be moving on from All Saints North Epping. I have enjoyed my time there, made many friends and grown in my skills. It was good to … Continue reading

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Prius the new Volvo?

Just a random observation. I think that prius drivers have become the new volvo drivers. Volvos are becoming cooler and sportier. The Prius however has neither unless you are a tree hugging hippie. They are slow, bad lane changers and … Continue reading

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BS#3 ultimate

Seen less music today but that was cause we were playing a knockout tourney of ultimate frisbee. We made it to the final and none of us had played before and lost to a team who regularly play in a … Continue reading

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BS#3 Mortification

Christian metal at it’s finest.

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BS #2 – sons of korah

So it’s day two of blackstump (a Christian music festival). It’s been fun in the rain. Enjoyed some comedy last night. Today had the first main teaching session. Two main negatives. No bible no cross. Could say more but won’t. … Continue reading

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So this weekend I’m at blackstump. Thought I might post the odd photo of what on. Indie rock band Fatis Valour gets the first one. Though must say a bunch of 16 y/o are the best so far. They are … Continue reading

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