#10 The Ministry of the Holy Spirit

How do you know you wont be a statistic in the ministry fall out magazine. Will you persevere to the end?

What is your view of the ministry of the Holy Spirit in your life and ministry? The Holy Spirit brings regeneration in our lives. We are born again, our old fleshy lives are dead and our new spiritual life is born. When the Holy Spirit dwells in the believer, it gives them new desires, new passions. This has massive implications for how you teach too, without this view of the Spirit your teaching becomes legalism.

What are your deepest desires? What do you want most?

Is it to love and serve Jesus, love others, be faithful to your wife, committed to your kids?

Or are your deepest desires to disobey, sin, be unfaithful. If so then the Spirit is not present.

When you sin do you get frustrated, that is the spirit at work in conviction. wanting your deepest desires not the fleeting desires of the flesh.

The result of the ministry of the Holy Spirit is Joy in your life.

(I’m sorry if I’m a bit vague and patchy in this, my mind is zapped after my Greek exam, for a better explanation listen to Driscoll himself here (when I find it))

This is the final post of ten in a series called ‘10 things I wish I knew about ministry when I was 25‘ (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9)

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2 Responses to #10 The Ministry of the Holy Spirit

  1. Chelsea Dreisbach says:

    These are great reflections of what you’ve learned! There’s some wonderful information for everyone in each of your blogs, whether going into ministry as a career or just serving at your local church. I’m glad you wrote them. I know I have taken some things from what you’ve learned. Keep on writing!

  2. Hey Erich,

    I fully forgot to read the other 9 “10 things I wish I knew about ministry when I was 25”. But I was reminded by your latest post showing up in facebook to read the other 9 (which I did in one big chunk!) As I said you should of just done one massive post haha. I might add, your latest post is a complete waste of my time, blackstump only means a restaurant to me 😛

    I really liked this series, although I don’t think my destiny is in full time ministry it was certainly insightful to know a bit more about what’s involved. As you know me and James are fully revamping the St. Faith’s website, and we are going to have a new section on ministry apprentices, and Robin current MTS, suggested that we have an MTS blog like thing so that congregation members can know what the MTS people are up to. We were also going to have a section on where our old ministry apprentices are now. i.e. you. I was thinking this whole ministry series you have done would be an excellent thing to include in such a blog (perfect in fact in regards to relevance). Especially to support the current MTS people. It will be a while before we get it all up and running because James is still coding his brains out (probably by the end of the year though), but if your interested we would love to have such an article series part of the future blog.

    I am pretty damn sick atm, So I am not even sure whether I will be in uni on Tuesday to meet up for an hour, but I will keep you posted. Keep the blogging coming!

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