#9 Release Valve and Lightning Rod

Ministry is tough and there are times when you just need to let all the stress and anger that’s built up out. When you don’t let it out in a healthy way, it makes its own way out when you don’t want it to. Like in the pulpit, while counselling or at home with your wife and kids. And that’s the last thing you want to happen.

So there are two things that are needed, a release valve and a lightning rod.

Release Valve

A release valve is an outlet that lets the pressure out, this can be exercise, silence and solitude, reading, spending time with friends or family. Each person is different, find something that is healthy and godly to help you unwind. For me surfing with mates does this really well. Driving does too, but it could be a danger to my life and others and it makes me break the law, so not so healthy or godly. If married, sex is good.

Lightning Rod

When a storm comes there is lots of energy in it and this get released in lightning, it has the possibility to do lots of damage if not grounded well, so buildings have rods that attract the lightning and ground it so it won’t damage that which is around it.

The same applies for people, when all the energy and anger stores up, there is a lot of force and could do a lot of damage if not grounded well. So you need to find a person who will just listen to you scream, yell, complain and whine to. This person just need to take it, and pretty much ignore most of it, and not try and solve it or give you verses, cause you already know the verses. They just need to buy you a burger and beer, and listen to you ground out all the issues you have and go ‘yep, uh-huh, totally’. Of course you need to have their trust and confidentiality, but getting rid of it in this way is safe and non destructive.

So instead of blogging about what is bugging you and being an ungodly critic and complainer, get yourself a lighning rod and work out a release valve. Time to find a lightning rod.

This is post nine of ten in a series called ‘10 things I wish I knew about ministry when I was 25‘ (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8)

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