Classic City

The events of the last 24 hours in the life of a Manchester City fan could be described as a second serving of delicious rich mud cake, but this time without the bitter after-taste.

Last year the club was taken over by a dodgy thai guy and his record didnt seem that good, and it all seemed well with Sven at the helm, and things started great and top 4 at Christmas, but the decline started quickly and yet again city became a laughing stock, since then Sven has left and Mark Hughes has replaced him and we have signed some good players (Jo, Kompany, SWP, Zabaleta). But this last day has been crazy.

Some super rich Arabian guys have bought the club and have more than 10 times more money than Roman Abrohamovic (the owner of Chelsea) and then decided to bid for Berbatov, David Villa and Robinho all at once, with the last of those signing for 32.4 million pounds (A record english signing).

The potential city have to become awesome is now amazing. But at the soem time I have my concerns. Money grants power, but this power and riches can rip a club appart. I also understand that football is a multimillion dollar business these days but it all seems a bit much.

I’m excited that city have a good chance of winning silverware in the next few years, but at the same time feel a sense of reservation at what might happen otherwise.

(I was going to link a whole heap of news articles, but honestly couldnt be bothered, except this, cause it made me laught lots, lol)

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