#5 Young Men Need to Learn Humility

This is all about pride, young men struggle with this most.

‘God mocks the proud, yet gives grace to the humble’ (Proverbs 3:34).

Young men are prone to thinking they know how to do it, that they can get the job done themselves, that if they make themselves known, they will be lifted up into positions of power and influence and finally do ‘real ministry’. What pride!!

Instead all of us should be humbling ourselves before god and men, and God will raise you up for ministry when he is ready to do so, and if so. It may not happen at all.

When you do anything out of pride is is from satan and demonic.

I’m still learning humility, and I need to wait for God to lift me up, I need to find wise counsel.

Do you struggle with pride? Are you lifting yourself up?

This is post five of ten in a series called ‘10 things I wish I knew about ministry when I was 25‘ (#1, #2, #3, #4)

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