#2 Satan, Demons and Judas’ are real

In today’s age, we are quick to forget this point, that Satan, demons and Judas’ are real.

Satan loves to attack those who are engaged in ministry and he will do anything to make you disqualify you or make you ineffective. Whether this is by sin, burn out or some other way.

He is the father of lies and is called our accuser. Driscoll pointed out that often the way you can tell if it is Satan is that it often come in the form of 2nd person accusations; YOU are worthless, YOU are dumb, YOU don’t deserve to live, etc. How often do you talk to yourself like that. Never.

So I need to think about this more, but what lies is Satan selling me.

Also demons will attack you and your ministry. For more on this check his sermon the Devil.

The other point is about Judas’ and obviously this is about people who will betray you. There will be people who you trust and have become close to who will turn on you, sell you out, lie and spread rumours, undermine your leadership and sabotage the ministry given to you.

So it’s good to be prepared for this to happen.

This is post two of ten in a serries called ‘10 things I wish I knew about ministry when I was 25‘ (#1)

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